Sunday, January 20, 2019

Weekly To-Do, 1/13/19 - 1/19/19

This week started out strong in terms of writing and finished strong in terms of reading. I couldn't bring myself to rewrite a piece I was told (rightly) to rewrite, and that stopped up the writing pretty effectively, so I read instead. Given how many books have to go through my brain in the next 11 days, that's OK. I was glutted with promo work this week, and consequent correspondence, because a bunch of books in my orbit all dropped on the same day (Tuesday).

I got two big pieces of good news this week, and I made a really hard decision. Lots of incidental stuff is falling to the wayside, emails I need to send and people I want to see. Next week is going to be stressful for un-work-related reasons, so before that happens, I'm trying to remember all the things I've forgotten, with middling success.

Disclaimer: I'm including selected names of pubs and books because making this list would be ten times harder, and therefore not worth the effort, to anonymize them entirely. Any of the acceptances could fall through at any time. By naming them, I am not badmouthing the publications who rejected or didn't reply. This is data, not trash-talk or promotion.

Horse Latitudes draft
Dyer review
Smoke & Summons review, revise
Edits on Wang review x2
Edits on Malhotra review
Blog post

What Drowns the Flowers in Your Mouth
Horse Latitudes
Fire Logic 
Go Ahead in the Rain
The Western Wind

TUG to Hyperallergic (answered)
Galley request, Costalegre (+)
Galley request, The Ash Family (+)
Galley request, The Undying 

Call to EHS
Agent LH
Graywolf publicist (answered)

Emails w/ Nora
Emails w/ ST publicist
Email to RH publicist
Emails w/ Renee
Emails w/ Morris
Messages re: Austen reprint
Emails to UHP, PDP
Emails w/ Locus
Check in with Arts Fuse
Pitch from publicist

Promote reviews (5) 
Update website
Abstract & bio for SGVWW
WaPo paperwork
Submit to AWP thing


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