Thursday, July 10, 2014

Role/Reboot, Take 3!

Today, my work appears on Role/Reboot for the third time! Yay! The piece is about a new "women owned" logo soon to appear on products for sale at Walmart. I'm concerned that the piece can be read as me being not much of a feminist, and I really don't want to give that impression. But I fail to understand why the sector of consumer products, which seems pretty fair to me - in that consumers can't tell by looking which products were designed or created by women and which ones weren't, so they'll just buy the best or most popular ones, and the market will out those that suck, and gender won't have much to do with it - needs a thumb on the scale in favor of women. Reverse discrimination is still discrimination.

If you came here from Role/Reboot, welcome! Thanks for stopping by, San Diego.

There is no other news. I hope to write some this weekend, but we'll see.

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