Monday, November 11, 2013

Monkeybicycle / Comments

Very quick post today to let you know some things.

1) The acceptance I mentioned here is now in flower: my story "This Fall, Thursdays, 9 PM" appeared on Monkeybicycle today. I am exceedingly pleased. Go here to read it, and do read it if you like me or have enjoyed reading this blog. Unlike some of the other pieces I've published in the past two years, I can recommend it to most audiences wholeheartedly. It has violence and wicked circumstances, but it's not bizarre or overlong or really disturbed like much of the other stuff I'm proud of.

If you're here from that story, welcome! Thanks for clicking over. Stick around; I love new friends.

2) New comment policy. I love comments, truly, but anonymous comments that are plainly devised to injure or undermine me, or just to be negative, will now be deleted. I didn't want to start Malleting comments, because a. it shows that I spent time and energy on idiot trolls and b. I like to think that troll comments demonstrate the exact weight and substance of their value without me having to do anything. I kind of wish I still had a Wordpress blog, because I'd do what the Bloggess does: edit them, hilariously. Blogger has so many limitations, y'all.

Anyway. If trolly comments were part of a multitude, I'd probably leave them up and laugh. But not enough of you weigh in on my posts to keep these negative comments from being obvious and irritating. And I have this sense that me not doing anything makes me look weak and unprofessional rather than just blase. So, the Mallet is now in operation.

To all trolls, everywhere: please don't waste your infinitely valuable time on me. The internet is vast, and there are many wonderful things out there to turn your critical eye upon in order to ruin them. I don't care what you have to say, and nothing that you do is going to make me stop writing.

Kisses from the Fictator.


yomama said...

GREAT!! Wonderful line at the end:
""The words decency and limbo hang about like odors."
I am so glad the writing is going well. Keep us posted. Hugs to you & kudos too.

Anonymous said...

Acknowledging and addressing trolls is a big no-no. Don't make comments or trollcentric posts because all it will do is encourage them.

Listen, gal. You really need to grow thicker skin if you hope to survive. I see you wasting so much time and energy publically announcing your strategies and want to hit my head against the desk every time you talk about trolls!

IF you should succeed and IF you should mainstream, how are you going to handle it? Nobody can be loved by everyone. Fuck, nobody can even be liked by everyone. Harden up and ignore it...without being a diva and announcing it to everyone, that is.

Are they your life's decision makers? Do they pump out your rejection letters? Then fuck them!

Katharine Coldiron said...

You're really undermining your point through your anonymity.

It's not about being a diva, it's about a change in policy. I'm trying my hardest not to be undemocratic or censorious.

Beyond my own situation, trolling interests me. I even read about it in my free time. That's why I've previously written posts about it.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

It's called irony, and if you weren't so obsessed with overanalyzing, you'd see the comedy.

As for being censorious, it's in your nature to be critical, Kat. You are an opinionated, intelligent woman. There's no reason to have policies and structure and red tape when utilizing your creative juices. FFS, it's just a blog; you won't win a Pulitzer for investigative journalism on Write what comes to mind, and let the ideas flow freely. It shouldn't be such work to speak your mind. That's what actual work is for.