Saturday, August 3, 2013

Writing Not-Nothing

Over the last week I did manage to write some. I outlined stories that hadn't worked out on their first go-round, in the hope that I can squinch my eyes and grimace and rewrite them from scratch. I also wrote 1,500 words on a hadn't-worked-out story in Lark Mode (as in "on a"), with results that I found interesting but possibly worthless. I also wrote about two sentences on a story that I've been brewing for weeks but haven't found the courage to write just yet. (Two sentences isn't nothing...) And I spent inordinate hours revising a story that's, oh, four years old? I revised and rewrote so heavily that it's probably only got a few dozen words in common with its original draft. It fits nicely with a theme issue for a mag that I admire, so I hope my revisions work out.

Presuming the trend of writing not-nothing continues for a couple of weeks at least, I'm not sure what to do with my time. The wikibook is what should be on my plate, but my enthusiasm for it is at an all-time low. (Although - if you've ever thought up clever names for Xbox achievements, and you don't have anything to do with them, I will gladly take them off your hands. 50¢ per.) I have two stories in mind right now to fill this time, both of them literary, but they both just look like a lot of work. Neither seems urgent or fun.

Part of the problem is that my daily schedule is engineered at present to keep the most productive hours of the day for money-work. For now, I guess this is as it should be, because [long explanation of 2013 finances]. But I wish I could swap it around.

I have three blog posts in the pipe for you. None of them is idle crap like this. But I'm never sure if my thinky posts are more or less interesting/enjoyable to readers than the idle ones. Feminism posts don't do so well, but other than that, the stats are inconclusive.

Oh, and this is happening. As long as this is single-player DLC, I'll play it until I go blind. NOIR. RAPTURE. KAT DIE HAPPY.

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