Friday, December 28, 2012

Three Days Coming, Three Days Staying, Three Days Going

Home now from the East now. I am still in the throes of a rotten cold that's been punching me out for a full week (longer than I'm accustomed to), but now that I've ejected a metric ton of mucus from various orifices I hope to be on the mend. I got a tiny bit of writing done on the plane on the way there but was too busy or too ill to do more in the ensuing days. I think the chapter I finished is about twice as long as it ought to be, but it'll come out in the wash.

I didn't take 2666 with me simply for weight reasons, although I'm finally finished with the fourth section of it and am 200 pages from the end. Instead I read Heaven's Bones, a Wizards of the Coast Ravenloft series book by Samantha Henderson (who is my hero for the time being), as well as Sweetheart, the second thriller in a series by Chelsea Cain. You might remember how much I enjoyed the first one. I very much liked this one too, although it seemed less tightly controlled. Quite satisfying/shocking climax, though. Heaven's Bones was extremely interesting and frightening, full of terrifying imagery. There seemed to be a huge cast of characters, although that's not a negative; I had no problem keeping them straight and was eager to know what would happen next in each storyline (though they were all connected, of course). I doubt I'll read any more Ravenloft books, but this one was great.

I also got in some pages on John Dies at the End, but I think I'm about ready to give up the ghost on that one. It keeps kind of exploding out into new weirdnesses too frequently for me to keep up. I can't figure out how all the supernatural events fit together coherently and at this point (about halfway, I think) I no longer care. I enormously enjoyed the beginning so I'm disappointed in myself for not wanting to continue, but hey, life is short and they've made the book into a movie.

That's all for today. I'm hoping to feel well enough to do my New Year's resolution post uncrappily, but we'll see.

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