Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Thing That Wants to Live

I spent Tuesday in a state of paralysis. I had no idea how to begin chapter seven, whether with one scenario (dialogue over lunch) or another (inner reflection/backstory) or still another (just skip to the action happening the following night). I wasn't willing to try one of these and have it not work, so I didn't do anything, just watched the cursor blink. This was idiotic.

So on Wednesday I used the ol' notebook trick and wrote an entire chapter, which consisted of all three of the above scenarios, longhand. That way, work got done and I won't have to do the extra labor of typing what I wrote if I don't like it.

Longhand is really working out for me lately. That's no promise that it's going to continue working out, and it's certainly taking its toll on Ol' Righty, but I'm kind of astonished at how hugely it's helping me for now.

I also submitted a story to a writing competition in the name of a writer I have much affection for. This is actually the third time in recent months I've sent this story out in the hopes of it winning me something. I worry that this is somehow cheating, to try and win multiple things with the same story.


I feel like I'm in a continuous learning process with the internet - how to behave when within it, how much is too much or not enough, how to use it to my advantage, and frequent refresher lessons on how it can make me wish I was dead. At this time in its development I'll defend to my last breath that it's a greater good than it is an evil, but who knows what the next twenty years will bring?

I've sort of lost my taste for blogging for the time being, so that's all for today. The video below has far more beauty and insight than I ever will, anyhow. Join me next week, when I guarantee there will be at least one gripe about the holidays.

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