Saturday, July 28, 2012

When I Get a Little Money

The total weight for our move was about 6,000 pounds. That was the amount of stuff we had to move from Maryland to California. I would guess about 1,200 pounds of that, conservatively, was books. And we got rid of about a third of our books before the move. 

We put the vast majority of these books into storage, because there wasn't going to be room for all of our bookshelves, much less all the books we had which were now homeless due to leaving built-in bookshelves in our old house. We only brought three small shelves to the apartment. Two of them are pretty full, but the third is half-empty. 

That is, it was half-empty. In the last week or so, the following books have come through our door (just for me; Matt's books are a much smaller pile): 

moar booooooks

Okay, so the bottom half of those are library books. And a couple of them of them were bought because the titles made me laugh. BUT STILL. I am ridiculous, with the books. Honestly just absurd. And on Monday I'm going to add a few more still to my library, dammit. And I have a list of authors I have to look into at the library in the near future. 

Have I talked about my despair that I can't read all the books in the world? Oh, wait, I guess I have

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