Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not Crimson Glow, But It'll Do

The big news is that I dyed the last couple of inches of my hair purple yesterday.

I've been wanting to do this since high school. I've really been itching to do it since I quit my paralegal job in November of last year. But when Matt got laid off, there seemed a chance that I'd have to go back to conservative office work, so I resolved to wait until he got a job. He started work yesterday, the dear thing, so I bought a Splat kit and went to town.

It was surprisingly easy. The bleach barely fried my hair at all, no breakage. And I'm very happy with it. And I know I couldn't have for all sorts of reasons, but I kind of wish I'd done this years ago and could have had fun experimenting ever since.

Aside from this, which is kind of a headline in my life in that it's a big and much-desired first for me, there really isn't much news. Today, after work is done, I'm going to run through the [non-]horror novel and do the aw-crap-did-I-really-overlook-that-mistake edit, so I can order another 10 copies of it from Lulu (I ran through the first 10 already, which yay (?)), most or all of which will go with me to the conference later in the month. I'm still not feeling in a writing mood yet, for stories/essays/whatever. I've been mulling over a story that was inspired by Star Wars - someone I trust told me that it's a good idea, and I was thinking of mutating it from SW into a more generic sci-fi background and seeing if it works out. But with money-work and life stuff the way they are this month, I'm not sure if I'll get to it before May.

Oh, but when/if I do, Margaret Atwood has started a sci-fi mag! This is terrific. And the pay scale is pretty significant. Canada has better litmags than the U.S., if you ask me, and I'm sure this will be no exception.

Unrelated to all else, GO BIG BLUE.


twinkly sparkles said...

I love the hair and color. It gladdens my heart that you did this.
My daughters started coloring their hair several summers ago when they were maybe in 6th and 4th or 7th and 5th Grade. The semi-permanent stuff that washes out fairly quickly. It's fun, like make-up, I allowed this earlier than certain other things (bare-midriffs, pierced ears, make-up), not sure why. It's just so FUN and to me, girly (even if I like it on boys), an extension of dress-up.

I have done little bits of my hair, but it was so short for years, there wasn't much to do. I think I should try again. My oldest just did red and green this week.

You have inspired me, thanks!

Katharine Coldiron said...

Wish I could tell you all the good stuff this comment inspired in me, twinkly. Stuff about moms and daughters. Thank you so, so much.

I agree, too, about dress-up. I've kind of started to think the same way about tattoos: permanent dress-up. I've been thinking about extending this purple to more of my head, but I think I'll hold off until I can afford a salon. My ideal is really more lavender than magenta, as this is under most light.