Thursday, October 13, 2011

"I took the blows..."

In my adult life, I've tended to believe that your birthday is the one day when everything is supposed to go your way. This has been a week (a month) where very little has gone the way I'd hoped, and it's a milestone birthday that I've been dreading for quite a lot of years now, so I didn't think much would be good about today. My real birthday can be some other time, when things are going my way, when good news abounds. 

This morning, Matt gave me a lovely gift: 

Open at the Close Earrings

I told him ages ago that I wanted them, and then joked a lot with him about getting me an ironing board cover (Simpsons joke). But he bought them for me. And the matching necklace, too.

Then I got in the car to go to work, and although I was in no particularly good mood, the Traffic Light Gods saw fit to let me pass through two lights where I'm usually held up. I turned on the radio and heard a semi-interesting story about an assault and a car chase in Gambrills, and as no one was badly hurt and a crazy guy got locked up, it was the kind of story I like to hear. After that, the radio played "In Your Eyes", which is a song that even after all this time and all these repetitions I can't help feeling sloppy and romantic about. And then came the Doobies telling me to whoa-ooh-WHAAAH, listen to the music, and I sang along. And then there was a commercial, so I turned to WRNR and caught the last half of "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked". All in all, you see, the radio was playing just for me.

In my inbox and on my Facebook page were a dozen well-wishes (including the usual goofy birthday e-mail from Matt's brother, which always cheers me), and my in-laws sent me gorgeous flowers. An attorney I barely interact with, who always has a friendly smile for me, wished me a quiet happy birthday by the copier, totally making my morning.

So the little things are apparently going my way today. The big things are not, but the little things...well, life's in the little things, right?

At least I'll get through the rest of today without having to do this.


Nothing about writing today. Sorry. 

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Anonymous said...

Happy, happy 30th!