Friday, August 21, 2015


Something I learned for the 18,467th time on Wednesday: even if you're pretty sure that the beginning of the story is going to be junk, and hence you really shouldn't bother to write anything down until you have a good beginning in mind, you are wrong. About the second part. Even if it turns out to in fact be junk, junk on the paper feels superlatively better than not writing anything at all.

Hi, my name is Katharine and I'm a recovering perfectionist. See you next week, everybody.

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Marc Criley said...

Just getting the first draft done is the hardest thing for me, once that's done I've got something to work with. So anything advancing that first draft--beginning, middle, or end--sucky or not, gets me that much closer to it. I mean, I'm just gonna rewrite it anyway!