Monday, February 10, 2014

Fun on a Deadline

On Saturday I got word of an acceptance for a story that I kind of hope marks the nadir of fucked-up topics about which I choose to write. I kept sending the story out because I believed in the language, but the topic is so unpleasant that I'm not sure I really thought it would find a place. Yet it did. More details to come when the issue is released.

Then on Sunday I got started on a story I need to have written by mid-March in order to workshop it in one of my classes. It's an idea I've been kicking around for a few months now, since I saw a Russian opera called Eugene Onegin, and I think that the idea and my plans for it fit into the necessary rubric for the class. This is the class with experimental literature, Hybrid and Narrative, so I found it a little harder than usual to determine my approach.

Yet I had fun writing the first thousand words of this story, and honestly it's the first time since I was drafting Highbinder that I can remember having real, rollicking, feet-kicking fun when setting something down on paper. Often I feel passionate and determined when I'm writing, but when I'm revising, it's work. It's fascinating work, but it's also demanding and tedious and full of uncertainty.

Real fun is hard to come by in either of these situations. I'm looking forward to writing the rest of it.

I'm nearly finished with revisions on the story featured in this post. Usually I don't take so many months, but 1) holidays and 2) these revisions have kind of trickled in, forming a stalactite, instead of slamming through the front door like motorists when the DMV opens. I have a specific market in mind for this story now that it's 99% done, and the market was (probably?) supposed to open for submissions at the end of January, and it hasn't opened yet, and of course I can wait as long as they need me to wait in order to submit it because it's my first-choice market, but the time investment of submitting stories and waiting for them to be rejected so I can submit again is already frustrating enough. After this first round I'll start simultaneous-subbing it, but I want to give this market the chance to give me a truly painful rejection before I dust myself off and try again.

Speaking of which, happy Monday.

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