Monday, April 1, 2013

Utterly Distracted

I'd like to pretend that I have stuff to say in this space, but Bioshock Infinite was all we did this weekend, so everything in my brain except Bioshock Infinite is kind of like this:

Although! I did read Diana Wynne Jones's Eight Days of Luke. I don't remember how it got put on my to-be-read list. My educated guess is that my friend Kathleen recommended it to me; however, it's about the Norse gods and includes a loving description of Brunnhilde on her island of fire, so I couldn't help feeling as I finished it that all things in my life are circling back to the Ring cycle.

I also read a book by Robin Romm called The Mercy Papers, a memoir of the author's mom's death from cancer. Happy lightweight stuff. Not really recommended, for not-very-objective reasons.

One day I'll get back to writing about wrioshock Infinite. Swearsies.

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