Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Workspace, v.4

With Matt's and Ikea's help, I've got The Ultimate Workstation now:

Contrary to appearances, there wasn't actually a nuclear explosion happening inside my house when this picture was taken. The afternoon sun is kinda bright, is all.

I feel very silly having a monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard all hooked up to a laptop, because why didn't I just buy a damn PC, but this is just how it's worked out. Now my laptop is far enough away and high enough up that it isn't ergonomically bad for me to look at the screen, my fingers are happy about typing on this yummy new keyboard, and I'm not taking up half the space on the dining room table with my setup. We went to Ikea and bought what amounts to a slab of pine on top of some metal sawhorses, but it's exactly what I need, no more and no less. Plus, it's a lot warmer upstairs than it was in the dining room, so I'm very happy. Doubleplus, because the pine's unfinished, I can draw encouraging messages on it in Sharpie (or perhaps get someone more talented to do this for me). Like a desk version of a Trapper Keeper.

Well, then. Back to today's chores. I goofed around too much in the past week and now have a hundred things to do before I can do fun things like blog or work on the book. Maybe in a few days I'll have more to say.

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